Our Gift Guide for 2023

In previous years, our holiday gift guides have embraced the festive spirit by organizing presents based on price ranges or catering to skincare enthusiasts. However, this year, we're thrilled to break away from tradition and introduce a collection of gift guides that cater to diverse interests and passions. Whether you're shopping for the eco-warrior in your life, the self-care aficionado, or your skincare-curious tween, our curated guides offer unique and thoughtful selections for everyone on your list. Get ready to explore a world of specialized gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your holiday season is filled with joy, connection, and the perfect presents for your loved ones.

Tween and Teen Gift Guide

Tweens and teens are at an age where they are starting to become more aware of personal care. Additionally, this young generation is one deeply concerned about climate change and our environment. So we’ve created a unique gift guide for these young activists and changemakers! They’ll greatly appreciate gifts that align with their values and help them express their brave, unique identities.


Tween and Teen Gift Guide

Rose Lip Balm, Vanilla Lip Balm, Mini Head To Toe , Mini Regenerate Face Oil - Tap Tap Organics. Eco-Friendly Bracelets - 4ocean.  Recycled Paper Journals - Widsom Supply Co.

Eco-Warriors Gift Guide

We curated this collection for those passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly living. These gift ideas include zero waste skincare products, reusable accessories and items that promote their green lifestyle and love of nature.

Our Gift Guide for 2023. Tap Tap Organics. Eco Warriors

Head To Toe Beauty Butter, Mini Head To Toe Beauty Butter, Rose Lip Balm, Organic Wrapping Cloth - Tap Tap Organics. Organic Seeds Collection - Plantflix.  Sustainable Gardening Tools - Uncommon Goods.

Self-Care Enthusiasts Gift Guide

For those who prioritize self-care, we created a gift guide that combines teas, candles, and skincare. These gifts will help them pause and enjoy a sensory experience in the simplest of ways. 

Our Gift Guide for 2023. Tap Tap Organics. Self care enthusiast

Regenerate Beauty Oil, Mini Regenerate Beauty Oil, Radiance Beauty Balm - Tap Tap Organics. Hand-Poured Natural Soaps - Etta & Billie. Organic Herbal Tea Assortment - Yerba Buena Tea Co. Handmade Scented Candles - PF Candle Co

Travel-Friendly Essentials Gift Guide

For the adventurer and wander-driven friend or loved one, our Travel-Friendly Essentials Gift Guide features compact, travel-sized skincare products, toiletry organizers, and other items perfect for those on the go.

Our Gift Guide for 2023. Tap Tap Organics. Travel Friendly

Mini Head To Toe, Mini Regenerate Beauty Oil, Rose Lip Balm, Roll-Up Pouch - Tap Tap Organics. Reusable Water Bottle - Ocean Bottle.  Recycled Material Backpack - Solgaard

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When a gift is thoughtful and personalized to the recipient, that care and love will shine beyond the gift itself. We hope this gift guide inspires you and makes the holiday season easier than ever! And remember, you can never go wrong with a handmade gift or the gift of an experience.