Who We Are

Tap Tap Organics is the only clean skincare line to use wild-harvested, virgin coconut oil from Costa Rica. We also use high quality plant-based ingredients that are sustainably sourced from Central and South America. We are part of the circular beauty movement by implementing a take back program for your empties and minimizing the use of plastic components.
Inspired by Costa Rica, Made in California

Tap Tap Organics is made in San Francisco and the inspiration for creating an all-natural skincare line came from Patricia’s deep connection with nature while growing up in Costa Rica. 


 Patricia became aware of the importance of using all natural beauty products when she became pregnant with her first child. Like most parents, she found it frustrating navigating through all the complicated and non-transparent labels on beauty products. After becoming better informed about the toxic nature of many of the compounds found in the products she used, Patricia decided it was time to “come clean.” This was around the same time that she discovered the Zero Waste Movement. Patricia began living a zero waste lifestyle, knowing that plastic pollution was a serious problem affecting our oceans, beaches and waterways.
With few alternatives to plastic in the beauty product industry, Patricia decided to experiment with creating her own line that used clean ingredients and clean packaging for a clean planet.
 Our Why

Tap Tap Organics was created from Patricia’s unwavering search for skin care products that encapsulate authentic beauty, truth and mindfulness for our planet. Tap Tap is firmly rooted in the principles and practices of Clean Beauty. We use minimal, clean ingredients in our products, while packing a potent, botanical ingredients that effectively do their job.
When it comes to the health of our planet, Tap Tap Organics is fully committed to reuse and low-waste packaging. We also strive to formulate with impeccably sourced natural ingredients by building deep relationship with sustainable producers in Costa Rica and Latin America. In many ways, each little Tap Tap bottle contains an elixir of self care and love for our planet.