Gift Guide 2022

Every November I’m struck by two things: How is it nearly the end of the year already?! And…Woah, time to start thinking about holiday gifts! 

Gifts are an opportunity to show the people in our life just how important they are to us. And if we are intentional and thoughtful about what we gift, it comes through and is so appreciated by our loved ones and friends. 

Gifting is also an opportunity to make a statement and give others a glimpse into what values we hold. For example, we may choose to gift experiences, instead of things, to share our zero waste lifestyle with others. Or, we may choose to handmake or bake something and offer that which was made with our own two hands. 

And so this year, in this blog, I’ve chosen to highlight some of my favorite local shops and makers. I know the struggle and grit of small business owners first hand and my gift to them is this blog feature. A small gesture yes, but one that comes from the heart.


Tap Tap Organics Producst.Small Business SF Gift Guide 2022. Tap Tap Organics


I’ll focus on local San Francisco and Bay Area businesses, some that have a connection to Tap Tap Organics, and others that I’m simply a huge fan of! And of course, do consider a sustainable gift from Tap Tap Organics as well! We have a fabulous gift guide blog post from last year which you can refer back to.


Fillgood. Small Business SF Gift Guide 2022. Tap Tap Organics - One of the SF Bay Area’s first zero waste shops

It’s hard to believe that Tap Tap Organics has been one of’s skincare brands for over 5 years!’s founder, Stephanie and I had coffee at Craftman and Wolves excited to partner as zero waste businesses. Her shop in Berkeley is carefully curated with sustainable and zero waste essentials which make it a go-to location for both everyday items and thoughtful gifts.


Cacrafted. Small Business SF Gift Guide 2022. Tap Tap Organics

California Crafted - Gift boxes with handmade Californian products

If you are looking to share your love of California these gift boxes curated by California Crafted are just for you. They include handmade chocolates, candles, personal care products and more. 


Mapamundi Kids. Small Business SF Gift Guide 2022. Tap Tap Organics

Mapamundi Kids - San Francisco’s best children’s store

Mapamundi Kids has two beautiful locations in Noe Valley and Laurel Heights in San Francisco. It’s a go to for thoughtful toys, books and clothes. Plus, you can also purchase a gift for a mom or parent because they also carry Tap Tap Organics!


Dandelion Chocolate.Small Business SF Gift Guide 2022. Tap Tap Organics

Dandelion Chocolate - exquisite, locally made chocolate

Who isn’t a chocolate lover?! Walking into their chocolate factory is such a dream. You can walk through their factory and view the chocolate making process through glass panels, or make a reservation to taste their luxurious treats in their gorgeous private cafe. With two locations in the Mission, on Valencia St and 16th St, you can shop their wide selection of handmade, sustainably sourced chocolate. My favorite? The Costa Rican chocolate bar of course!


The Aesthetic Union. Small Business SF Gift Guide 2022. Tap Tap Organics

The Aesthetic Union - Unique letterpress prints and cards

This letterpress print shop has beautiful, limited edition, large-format prints, as well as small prints and cards. They are true masters of their craft and we’re so proud that our first run of Tap Tap Organics boxes were designed and printed by The Aesthetic Union. Their shop is a thrill to walk into, as you can see the team at work on old large presses. (It’s right next to Tartine Manufactury. A pastry (or two) and a country loaf for the road is a must.)