Regenerate Rose & Neroli Beauty Oil


A luxurious beauty oil that will transport you to tropical bliss. Formulated to leave your skin regenerated, balanced and glowing. This light and quick absorbing serum delivers powerful antioxidants and botanical nutrients to your delicate skin. Made with certified organic oils and infused with green tea leaves.

After cleansing and while skin is still damp, gently massage a small few drops into skin. Allow 1-2 minutes to absorb before using another product or makeup. This multi-tasking beauty oil can also be applied to body and hair. When finished, reuse, or return for a refill.


1.7 fl oz • 50 ml

ORGANIC GRAPESEED OIL: Light and easily absorbed by the skin. Contains skin brightening Vitamin C and restorative Vitamin E. Helps tighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores). 

ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL: Moisturizing and helps regulate skin's natural oil production. Helps balance oily and combination skin. Helps protect against pollutants and UV damage. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL: Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, folate and fatty acids, avocado oil helps reverse skin damage and promotes the production of collagen. Extremely effective at deep skin moisturization.

ORGANIC GREEN TEA LEAVES: Full of powerful antioxidants which help prevent skin damage. Improves skim complexion by healing and reducing inflammation and redness. Helps rejuvenate damaged skin cells.

ORGANIC ROSE ABSOLUTE OIL: Anti-inflammatory and balancing. Helps prevent scarring. Reduces stress.

ORGANIC NEROLI ESSENTIAL OIL: Extracted from the blossoms of an orange tree, neroli oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Able to repair and regenerate skin cells, reduces wrinkles, blemishes and scars. 

CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Helps reduce scars, blemishes and sun spots. 

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL: Reduces wrinkles, helps tighten skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Reduces scars, blemishes and sun spots. 

NON-GMO VITAMIN E OIL : Natural preservative. Nourishes skin with moisture and antioxidants. Helps brighten sun spots, blemishes and scars.

Packaging: Glass bottle, plastic pump or screw cap (reusable)


You will receive our products in plastic-free packaging. All materials are either reusable, recyclable or compostable.

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