Video: Inside My Morning Beauty Routine

My skincare philosophy is to keep my beauty routine simple...

with few products that have a short list of organic, high-quality ingredients. Though no one regime works for any two people, in this post and video I’m sharing the morning routine that has been working for me lately. Everyone’s skin is different because of genetics, diet, exercise, environment, etc. Consider tweaking it depending on your own skin’s needs.

#1. First, I wash my face with water.

There’s no need for face wash or a cleanser in the morning, especially if you washed your face the night before. 

#2. Then I gently apply the silky Regenerate Beauty Oil.

It’s always the first thing I use on my face. It absorbs quickly and smells heavenly. If I’m traveling, I’ll take the convenient travel-size Mini Regenerate with me.

If I have a few extra minutes I’ll give myself a home face massage with my rose quartz facial roller, which glides nicely with the oil. The roller provides benefits such as improving circulation, detoxifying the lymphatic system and improving your skin’s absorption of the oil’s active botanical ingredients.

#3. Next, I freshen up my curls with a bit of water and control the frizz with the Head To Toe Beauty Butter.

Any extra moisturizer left on my hands I simply spread on my skin!

#4. Optional: More moisturizing with the Head To Toe Beauty Butter.

On this particular day my skin was quite dry after being at the beach for more than a week. But usually the Regenerate Beauty Oil is enough. If I’m traveling with the whole family to a sunny destination, I’ll bring the full size Head To Toe. For shorter trips, I’ll simply carry the Mini Head To Toe

#5. Finally, I apply sunblock or daily sunscreen.

I do this every single day without fail. I prefer products made with mineral sunscreen such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are not only safe for your skin, but also for our reefs and oceans

I hope you find this video useful and that helps you towards a minimalist, beauty ritual!

Pura vida,


Morning Beauty Routine from Patricia Fonseca on Vimeo.

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