What does Clean Beauty really mean?

In celebration of Clean Beauty Day on July 15th, let’s discuss the definition of clean beauty! The term “clean beauty” is trending and we’ll get into what it means, and even that some are of the opinion that it doesn’t mean anything. But first, here’s the clean beauty definition we use at Tap Tap Organics…

We prefer to use a holistic definition of clean beauty. To us, clean beauty products are made with ingredients that aren’t harmful to human health and with packaging for a cleaner planet. 

Clean Ingredients

At Tap Tap Organics our values are based on using a short-list of natural ingredients and the vast majority are certified organic ingredients. Also, we’re the only skincare brand to use wild-harvested, virgin coconut oil from Costa Rica. This signature ingredient is the purest grade of coconut oil and is sustainably and ethically produced. See our best sellers, the full size and mini Head To Toe Beauty Butter. Our lovely Rose Lip Balm also uses the wild-harvested Costa Rican coconut oil. 

Clean Packaging

We are passionate about helping solve the plastic-waste crisis and taking the definition of “clean beauty” to the next level. The beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year. By carefully selecting glass and metal packaging over plastic we are prioritizing materials that are highly reusable and recyclable; much more so than plastic. (More on the myth of plastic recycling later, that has to be a whole other post!)

Tap Tap Organics is a clean beauty brand as well as a circular beauty brand. The plastic components like spray and pump tops that we do use, in our Natural Deodorant Spray and Regenerate Beauty Oil for example, are reusable because we offer a “refill” option with screw caps which allow you to simply transfer your tops to the new bottle. Not only that, we have a take back program. You can request a free return shipping label with each order and use the same box your order arrives in to ship back your empties!

Model holding the Natural Deodorant Spray to capture its scent

The Controversy Around Clean Beauty

You may have heard or read about the debate around using the term “clean beauty”. The concern, and a valid one, is that it’s not a regulated or legal term. Technically anyone can say they are a clean beauty brand and so you might find a lot of green washing and false promises. Which is why trust between a brand and its customers is key. 

Tap Tap Organics is not doing using the clean beauty term because it’s a trend. We set our values from day one precisely because we saw a desperate need for products like ours for smart, eco-conscious customers, like you. 


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