Embrace a Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics

As the sun shines bright and nature pulls us more outdoors, there's no better time to revel in the beauty of summer while making a positive impact on our planet. At Tap Tap Organics, we are passionate about sustainable living and are thrilled to join the global movement of Plastic-Free July. As a zero waste and sustainable skincare line inspired by the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, this topic resonates deeply with our brand values, and we're excited to share how we can all embrace an eco-conscious and guilt-free summer. In this month's blog post, we present you with a comprehensive guide of our favorite summer items for enjoying a plastic-free summer.

Understanding Plastic-Free July:

Plastic-Free July is a worldwide initiative that empowers individuals, businesses, and communities to make conscious choices and reduce their reliance on single-use plastics throughout the month of July and beyond. The movement was born out of a desire to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution, which has become one of the most significant environmental challenges of our time. By encouraging people to adopt more sustainable habits and opt for reusable alternatives, Plastic-Free July aims to create lasting change and reduce the burden of plastic waste on our oceans, wildlife, and natural ecosystems.

At Tap Tap Organics, we wholeheartedly support Plastic-Free July's mission, as we recognize the importance of living in harmony with our environment. As a zero waste, sustainable skincare line, our commitment to the planet is ingrained in every aspect of our brand. From sourcing wild-harvested, virgin coconut oil from the lush, tropical beaches of Costa Rica to crafting our products with plant-based ingredients and using low-waste packaging, we strive to offer a skincare solution that is clean both inside and out. We believe that personal care should never come at the cost of our planet's well-being, and this is why we are excited to guide you on a journey towards a plastic-free summer, where you can cherish the sun-kissed days without contributing to plastic pollution.

Our Plastic-Free Summer Guide

In this summer guide, we will share practical tips and ideas to make your summer adventures more sustainable and plastic-free. From switching to reusable water bottles and utensils for picnics to using eco-friendly sunscreen and embracing natural skincare solutions, every small step counts in protecting our environment. We'll also delve into the concept of mindful consumption and the importance of supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability.

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. Nutshell cooler

1. Nutshell Cooler: What says summer more than a cooler? A sustainable cooler! Made from coconuts! Nutshell Coolers are both stylish and sustainable, insulated with fiber from upcycled coconut husks, a leftover agricultural byproduct that would otherwise have been burned as waste. With over 240,000 husks upcycled to date, they give back to the small-scale farmers in the Philippines from whom they buy the husks, providing them with extra income for food, school fees, and community investment. Nutshell Coolers

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. Summersalt

2. Summersalt Perfect Wrap Bikini: At Summersalt, sustainability lies at the core of their business model, rooted in their commitment to customers and the planet. While acknowledging their imperfections, Summersalt actively works towards sustainability in every aspect of their operations. Collaborating closely with partners and design teams, they prioritize crafting collections using sustainable materials, such as their swimwear made from a luxurious fabric composed of post-consumer materials and nylon waste, like discarded fishing nets literally pulled from the oceans. Summersalt  

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. Rainforest Lab

3. Rainforest Labs Shampoo: Centered around the awareness to transform current consumption habits, Rainforest Labs has a passion for creating sustainable and natural hair care products. Their solid shampoos are one of our favorites, our mission and values align, as does our love of Costa Rica which they celebrate in their ingredients and scents. Travel tip: solid hair care is ideal for summer travel, especially if you’re aiming to travel light and sustainably! Rainforest Lab

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. All good mineral sunblock

4. All Good Mineral Sunblock: Made from organic ingredients and zinc-oxide, this reef friendly butter physically blocks UVA/UVB rays and goes on thick to protect your skin. At Tap Tap Organics we’re all for protecting the ocean and reef habitat, and our founder Patricia has been using this plastic-free sunblock for years. It’s also a small, perfect travel size whether you’re simply carrying in your purse or need to travel light this summer. All Good

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. Stasher Bag

5. Stasher Bags: At Tap Tap Organics we love multitasking, versatile products because they help us live a simple, minimalist lifestyle. Stasher bags are essential summer items, they can be used as your toiletry bag (in lieu of ziplock plastic bags), snack bags and much more. For example, Patricia loves having them on hand when she travels with her family and fills them with ice to create an impromptu ice bag or “icy” for her children’s booboos and mosquito bites. Also, Stasher Bags seal so well that she also used one recently on a jungle boat tour in Tortuguero, Costa Rica to protect phone from getting wet! Stasher Bag

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. Albatross safety razor

6. Albatross Safety Razor: Summer is about showing skin, and most likely smooth skin! The Albatross Safety Razor is a plastic-free, zero waste shaving option that you’ll love if you haven’t been using it already. Made of stainless steel and with a blades that upcycled with Albratross’s Take Back Program, Albatross checks all the boxes to make it into our summer plastic-free guide. Albatross

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics. Aplatanaríamos dish tote

7. Plat Dish Tote: Perfect for a summer picnic, the patented design makes bringing a dish so easy by just slipping in a baking or cookware dish, pan, serving bowl, or plate. Not only is the dish tote a practical, useful item that we can’t believe didn’t exist before, but Aplat painstakingly designs that tote with minimal fabric waste. The Plat Dish Tote is made by using a single-layer cotton canvas construction! Aplat Dish Tote

Plastic-Free Summer with Tap Tap Organics

8. Head To Toe Beauty Butter, Rose Lip Balm & Natural Deodorant Spray: At Tap Tap Organics, we created skincare products that are both luxurious and minimal. This means that many of our products are multi-purpose and you can have just a few products as part of your skincare routine and for travel. 

For summer in particular, we spend more time outdoors and our skin is exposed to hours of sun and wind. Staying moisturized and deeply nourishing your skin is key, and for this we recommend our Head To Toe Beauty Butter and our Rose Lip BalmOur Natural Deodorant Spray is an effective, safe deodorant option that controls body odor with its unique blend of witch hazel, coconut oil and essential oils. Spritz multiple times a day anytime you need a little refreshing pick me up. Pro tip, if you’re traveling and staying at a hotel or Airbnb that smells a little unusual to you, use it as a room or pillow spray!


Will you be giving a plastic-free summer a go? Together, we can create a positive ripple effect and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations. So, join us as we embark on this plastic-free journey and celebrate a summer that's not only kind to your skin but also to our precious Earth.

Pura vida!