5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Beauty Sleep

If you live a fast-paced lifestyle, or you struggle with chronic stress, you might feel like it’s practically impossible to get a good night’s sleep. When you’re busy, sleeping enough is difficult and a common struggle. 

But along with using clean skincare products from Tap Tap Organics, prioritizing a healthy sleep schedule is a simple way to look and feel fresh and energized. In fact, Sleep Education states that a lack of sleep can actually cause your cells to age faster. These tips will help you commit to a consistent sleep routine. 

1. Commit to a Bedtime Routine

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Do you ever find yourself feeling hurried before bedtime? If you’re stressed out, you’re not going to be able to sleep peacefully. Instead, try sticking to a bedtime routine that actually helps you relax. For instance, you could try gentle yoga, practicing meditation for mindfulness, doing a skincare routine with our beauty oil, beauty balm or beauty butter, or writing in a journal to express anything that is weighing on your mind.

2. Wear Cozy Pajamas

If you’re wearing uncomfortable, hot, or itchy pajamas to bed, you’re going to have trouble dozing off. A cozy pajama set or soft nightgown can make a world of difference. And you can prioritize style, too - choose pajamas that look and feel great so that you’ll start looking forward to bedtime!

3. Watch Your Diet

Do you tend to drink several cups of coffee each day to fight the effects of sleep deprivation? It’s time to work on kicking your caffeine habit. Consuming caffeine to combat that sleepy feeling fuels a cycle because it can keep you up late again the next night.

If you’ve had too much caffeine, and you’re still feeling the effects late in the day, you can take steps to get this stimulant out of your system before you head to bed. Healthline recommends staying hydrated, eating fiber-rich foods, and going for a walk to use some of that pent-up energy.

4. Redesign Your Room

What if your bedroom’s design simply isn’t conducive to sleep? It might be time to give this space a makeover. You could paint your walls with a new soothing hue, clean out any lingering clutter, and move your desk and other items that might make you think about work into another room. 

If your room feels stuffy, try turning the thermostat down a few degrees. Finally, you could also splurge on soft new sheets for a little bit of luxury!

5. Avoid Blue Light

The blue light that is emitted from your phone, laptop, and tablet can keep you up at night, but when you’re connected to your devices for both work and leisure, you might feel like there’s simply no way to avoid it. Thankfully, it’s entirely possible to cut down on your exposure to blue light. 

During the hours before bedtime, set aside your screens and pick out a good book to read instead. You can also pick out a pair of blue light glasses to wear if you have to work on your laptop in the evening. 

Consistency is the Key

Do your best to complete your routine several nights in a row without breaking the pattern. It can take a couple of weeks to settle into a routine that works for you, so if you find that a particular activity doesn’t really suit you, feel free to swap it out for something else that feels more relaxing.

Perhaps you consider incorporating the routine of lighting your favorite candle at the start of your bedtime ritual, listen to a soothing podcast or turn on a white-noise machine with the sound of rain or the ocean waves.

If you regularly feel overworked and exhausted, even getting an extra hour of sleep each night might seem impossible. But it’s never too late to change your sleep habits and reclaim your youth! With these tips, you’ll be sleeping soundly at night.

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By guest blogger Sheila Olson (fitsheila.com)