"I absolutely love this lotion! I was getting very dry hands early this year as it got pretty cold and windy in my city. After ordering the mini lotion bottle, I have been using it on my cracked knuckles for just a few days now and I am seeing a lot of improvement! I love that it's made of all natural ingredients, comes in a reusable bottle, and I love the light coconut smell of it! You will not be disappointed."
"I love this moisturizer. I got a sample with my previous order and I just fell in love, not only with the way it left my skin but with the scent, though the one I received had the similar scent just not as intense, but i am still obsessed with it regardless. I really appreciate how everything that is shipped can be reused."
"Excellent! I got this to put on my legs at night, but have been using it on my hands as well. I’m impressed with how well it soaks into the skin and how such a little bit goes a long way! This is a new part of my evening routine."
"I have been using this facial oil for several months. I am on my second batch. Patricia is very consistent with her handmade products; the second batch and the first batch I received smell the same, look the same, and perform the same. I definitely would recommend this for someone who has chronic dry skin like myself. I use it in the morning or at night before bed. I have mixed a tiny bit in with my liquid foundation and I find that it gives me a really lovely glow."
"The regenerative face oil is my favorite! It's like experiencing an aromatherapy every time I use it. It may seem greasy but it's absorbed quickly and leaves my face soft and smooth. I use to use the same facial cream since forever and it did work for me but this is much better as it's a natural option and I highly recommend it"
"I am loving this face oil.... I apply a few drops after showering at night, and my skin feels so happy."