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Inspired by the beautiful tropics, Tap Tap Organics aspires to give you healthy skin and a healthy planet.  Formulated to hydrate, balance and protect all skin types, the line includes multi-tasking products aimed to simplify your beauty routine. 


We source our ingredients responsibly, focusing on Central and South America.  We craft with high-quality organic ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil and avocado oil. Featuring wild-harvested coconut oil we're supporting sustainable producers in Costa Rica. 


With roots in Costa Rica, Patricia, founder of Tap Tap Organics, lives by the pura vida (pure life) mantra. With sustainability at the forefront, our mission is to expand beyond clean beauty and clean ingredients by committing to low-waste packaging and reuse.


Patricia, the founder, is originally from Costa Rica, where she grew up loving nature and living by the "Pura Vida" mantra. Later in San Francisco, she became even more aware of the importance of using all natural beauty products when she became pregnant with her first child. Around the same time she discovered the Zero Waste Movement. Patricia began living a zero waste lifestyle, knowing that plastic pollution was a serious problem affecting our oceans, beaches and waterways.
Patricia began making her own skincare products for years, frustrated that it was difficult to find natural skincare products that came in plastic-free packaging. She made batches for herself and would always gift her creations to friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive and they encouraged her to share her products with others.


Patricia is particularly fond of the famous wild parrots of San Francisco, which remind her of tropical Costa Rica and have inspired the logo of the label. In honor of her first daughter, Patricia named the company Tap Tap Organics. Tap Tap were the words that her daughter would say as a baby when pointing up to birds in the sky!